Srdjan Repensek (Jan)

The guy who makes things happen

That is me, in the photo next to this text. If you want, you can call me Jan or Sergio.

Us vs Me

Often, people hide behind the word “about us” to appear bigger than they are. Usually, individuals, who have no photo, or they use a stock image to hide their identity.

I have nothing to hide and use “about me” until I need to get someone to assist me in a task that I cannot resolve by myself, and one who does it much better than me.

Why work with me?

To deal with one person, I think it is way easier, instead of playing the game of “broken telephones” talking from one department to another.

I am passionate about helping my clients grow and succeed in their businesses. I use all my knowledge and experience in many different fields to help.

For the past 20 years, I did web design and administration, programming, image manipulation, 3D design, video editing, and animation.

Besides the knowledge and experience mentioned above, my best assets are integrity, reliability, and care for my clients, who I call my extended family.

I do not take all projects as I am running a boutique agency. My time is precious, and not all projects are a good fit. Clients who I believe I can help will receive the best service as I strive towards excellence.

There are no shortcuts in life nor marketing. Let me guide you through to the right path.  I hope that I will soon welcome you to my “extended family”!