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Ana Nathaniel

Ana Nathaniel

Ana Nathaniel initially find my website using the search on Google, and suggested to her, now late husband Dr. Andrew Nathaniel. After I finished his website and animation, he said to Ana, that she should use my services when ready to revamp her old website. I was humbled by Andrew’s kind words. Last year that happen, I finished new Ufficio website, made very small tweeks and I asked Ana, if she can give me testimonial, which she did, for the sake of transparency here it is, how I got it in the mail:

“Hi Srdjan

Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope this year brings you all that is beautiful, and hope we can do some new and interesting things together on my website.

I know this is really late, and kept promising this to you, and just never got around in doing it. So here is my testimonial. Please excuse me, if it is too long, and you are welcome to use whatever you want of it. But I tend to get carried away writing once I start 🙂 so here goes……


Ana Nathaniel – Specialist in Space Planning and Office Furniture supply

In 2010 my late husband Dr Andrew Nathaniel gave me the task of finding him someone really good to start up another one of his websites. He was a Medical doctor and a PERFECTIONIST to say the least. After days of searching and making a short list, I gave him Srdjan’s contact details, I knew Srdjan was what he was looking for in a web designer. Three years later I needed a new website re-done, as mine was old and so outdated. I never forgot Srdjan’s work and how happy my late husband was with him, and I knew he was the man to do mine.

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK-YOU for the quality of service you have offered me in designing my website, your service and quality of work has been highly impressive and outstanding. The few times that I have requested help or any kind of support, you have been fast and efficient. It really makes a huge difference to deal with a company that not only takes price in their work, but also in providing first class service. I would comfortably recommend you company, keep up the good work and thank you for your help and awesome work, I LOVE my website, and so do my customers.

Yours sincerely

Ana Nathaniel


082 559 8849

Srdjan, let me know if this is ok for you, you are welcome to re-word it if you so wish, or if you want me to say more, let me know. I mean what I say, and it comes from the heart.

Have an awesome day, and a beautiful year ahead.

Sending you warm regards.


Ana is very hard working professional, I am proud to be able to build her website. You can visit Ana’s website here http://www.ufficio.co.za

How I remember Dr Andrew Nathaniel

How I remember Dr Andrew Nathaniel

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