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How I remember Dr Andrew Nathaniel

How I remember Dr Andrew Nathaniel

 Well, I was prolonging this first post and I think I need to start talking about what is on my mind and in my heart.
In this very first post, I want to reflect on one of my best clients ever, not that I don’t have brilliant clients now, but Andrew was special.
Several years ago, I have received call, and on the other side was someone talking in very quiet, humble voice. It was the voice of Dr. Andrew Nathaniel. He ask me, if we can have a meeting, it sounded interesting. When I went to see him in his doctors room, I for very first time met Andrew, physically not so tall, very soft spoken, humble and actually Doctor, Inventor, Forensic Specialist and Medical scientist, and later on, I discovered, to be a person with a huge heart, full of love, knowledge and passion for humanity and greater good.
I was commissioned to create website which is going to explain his innovation – Vitamin Water Bottle, which on pull releases small pills into a mineral water, making a fresh drink, to bust energy and supply of the vitamins after a workout or hard day’s work.
Besides website I needed to create 3D animation, and several 3D still graphic images. Working with Andrew was such a pleasure, we were discussing with such a passion, all those ideas I return in form of web, images and video. Andrew was very pleased with outcome, and at the same time it made me very proud.
After completion, I learned that Andrew was fighting against a cancer. That made me so sad. We seen each other after a year, finally he stabilized his condition, practically cancer free. That made me very happy. Andrew paid me a visit, one day, where we chatted about everything, he was going to go to see his family in Cyprus. While he was in Europe visiting family I sms-ed him to how is he doing. He was fine, having the great time.
Few months passed, and called to see how he was doing, only to find out that he passed away. God, that was so sad, I couldn’t bare the pain, my heart was sore. What a tragedy…
The story about the great man is out there, in our hearts and on the internet as I am still hosting his website. You can still see the man with the cutest smile in the World.
Dear Andrew, thank you for opportunity to meet you. You will always be in mine and hearts of all the people, that have ever met you.
You can visit Andrews website http://www.andrewinventor.com/

2 Responses to How I remember Dr Andrew Nathaniel

  1. Phew ……. Srdjan, you have brought tears to my eyes, that is a beautiful message written deep from your heart. Andrew was exactly how you say it, and so much more. To me, he was my best friend, my companion, my mentor in every aspect of my life, my husband and above all he also saved my life. He discovered I had (CML) Leukaemia, and he made sure that I would get the best treatment in the World, he made sure I was going to live a little longer…. I still Thank him everyday today. Like my life, he saved many other lives too, maybe one day I will understand why he had to leave us at such a young age of 47 years old. Andrew was never a quitter, never gave up on anything he believed in, let alone his health, he lived his life with so much passion, and he loved life. I want to continue in his legacy….. You must feel honored in him confiding in you with his health, not even his best friends had that privilege. But I know that he loved you so dearly right from the start – it’s that so amazing ….. I miss him so much too, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him, he’ll live in my heart forever…..

  2. Andrew was a great man, always keeping his word, which is rare now a days. When I relocated to Cape Town, I brought with me a small rock with the Christmas Father picture on it, that he gave me as a Christmas present.

    This photo of Andrew, I used for this post, nobody had seen it before, I took it when he we had small photo shoot at my Johannesburg office. Very nice time we had, I still remember how easy was for him to put a genuine smile on his face, pure person he was.

    I am happy to see that you are still remembering him on a daily bases, and I like your “Andrew” tattoo you have done in his honor. It is such a pleasure to have clients, which become as close as your second family.

    Best regards